How To Help

Do you feel you want to help animals but you are not in a position to adopt a dog at the moment?
Well there are plenty of other ways you could help.

PAWS is a non-profit organisation and we depend on the general public to help us keep our doors open to those in need.

Our only source of income to pay these bills is donations, fundraising events and flag days to keep going us going.

We now have the facility to accept donations online.

You can also download our Standing Order Form, print it out and fill in your details and return to PAWS. Remember no amount is too small.

Fill out and post a bequest to PAWS.

Or send a donation straight to PAWS through the post.

If you are making your will, please consider a registered Charity.


Tax Efficient Giving

Since April 2001, under Section 45 of the Finance Act, donations in one year, which total 250 euro or more, are eligible for tax relief.
If you are a PAYE tax payer, we can claim back the tax that you have already paid on your donation(s). Eg. An individual on the 20% standard rate of tax makes a donation of €300.
The tax you paid on that amount is €75, so the value of the donation to us is €375. The same donation by someone in the 42% tax bracket is worth €517.24.
All you need to do is supply us with your PPS Number and tell us if you are on higher or lower tax band.
If you are a self-assessed tax-payer, it works the other way around. You can claim back tax on any donation you make. To reclaim your deduction make sure you have your receipt issued by us.

Corporate Donations

Under the 2001 Finance Act, a corporate tax relief scheme is in place for companies that make donations to eligible charities. A company donation greater than €250, with no upper limit, to PAWS can qualify for tax relief at the current rate of corporation tax. The company will claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense.

Run a pub quiz in aid of PAWS. If you are a shop or pub owner, contact us to get a donation box for the counter. Run the mini Marathon, join a sponsored walk or or use your imagination to find other ways of collecting money in aid of PAWS.

For our A-Z list of fundraising ideas, Click Here

Come down to our kennels and help out on your time off. If you are a dog lover there is nothing more fulfilling than to be able to help out with the dogs first hand. The work includes cleaning out kennels, feeding, grooming and playing with the dogs.Don’t forget to wear durable clothing and welly boots, and your sunniest smile of course!
As our kennels are always full to the brim and our kennel staff are run off their feet, there is not enough time to walk the dogs regularly. If you enjoy walking and like to keep fit, why not come on down and bring a few dogs out for nice walks around the countryside? 

We have a wonderful group called Walk A Dog who regularly visit and bring our doggies out. They usually show up in Paws both Saturdays and Sundays and walk the dogs between 1-5pm. As there can be up to 90 dogs onsite they rely heavily on extra volunteers to help out. It is heartbreaking if all the dogs cannot be walked on the day.

walk_a_dogIf you live in Kilkenny or near, Walk A Dog do a pick up in front of the Ormonde hotel in Kilkenny at 1pm. If you are planning on visiting from another area and have your own transport why not see if you bring another volunteer along!

Please drop Walk a Dog a message on their Facebook page if you would like to join them. It really is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Thank you.






Visit the PAWS shop here now and see how you can help our pets. Feed a dog, sponsor a kennel, buy a raffle ticket and more.