2016 Success Stories – Tilly found her forever home

18th December 2016

2016 marked some very special milestones in the PAWS’ calendar in terms of adoption stories.  Some very special dogs found some very special homes, but even more impressive was that many of these dogs were some of our long-termers having spent a year or more in the PAWS kennels.  Among them was Ghost, Bracken, Kim, Teddy Bear, Suzi, Kevin, Scoby and Rose to name a few.  All had been overlooked for a chance of a home for one reason or another for so long just waiting for the right person to come along.

Often, the reasons for a dog taking longer to get adopted is for reasons through no fault of the dog’s.   Many black dogs, older dogs or certain breeds can get overlooked and, unfortunately, sometimes this is also the case at PAWS.  Tilly, our staffie cross girl, was one example of these dogs when she’d spent almost 2 years in the kennels.  Full of love, tail wags and licks for everyone that passed her kennel, no one could quite get their head around why Tilly was still looking for a home.  She loved everyone both two and four legged.  She played, she gave the best cuddles, she walked well on a lead, she had great mannerisms and she secretly held pride of place as everyone’s favorite girly in PAWS.  Even Tilly knew she’d make some very lucky person a great dog, if she was just given half a chance.

Luckily, this year marked the end of her wait when a very lovely couple and their rescue collie cross arrived at the PAWS gates looking for a new dog.  The kennels were a buzz with excitement when they took Tilly for a walk with their dog and, as you might have guessed, that’s all it took.  A short while later, Tilly was on her way home to her forever couch at last.  A very happy ending for a very happy dog.  Tilly’s story is an example of why dogs should never be overlooked due to their appearance, their story or their colour.  Often, long-term shelter dogs make the best dogs, they just need somebody to give them their chance.  Tilly’s story is what gives us the strength and determination to get up and fight another day.  It’s because of dogs like Tilly and her lovely new owners which is why PAWS does what it does.