Hardest to rehome – Ziko

22nd November 2017

We need to talk about Ziko.

Ziko arrived at our gates as a big bouncy pup leaping up at everyone and every thing he laid his eyes on.  He was quite striking to look at.  Big, brown, round, soft puppy eyes, a rough black and tan rottie/shepherd coat and a handsome, inquisitive face.  He was easy to fall head over heels for on first sight, that’s for sure.   Poor Ziko was so bewildered and unsure as to why he found himself homeless at such an early stage in his life and in the care of PAWS.  He didn’t seem to know what to do with himself.  He quickly established himself as firm favorite of many of our staff and long-term volunteer dog walkers, especially the large-dog lovers.   This was obviously down to his good looks, charm and his ability to make you laugh at his ‘overgrown puppy’ antics.  After some time had passed and he had settled a little bit, there was some expressed interest in Ziko but, through one circumstance or another, through no fault of his own, the offers didn’t seem to work out for him.

Now, over a year later, Ziko is starting to wonder when it’s his turn for a chance at a forever home.  Ziko is a large dog so needs someone with experience dealing with large breeds such as Rottweilers, German Shepherds etc.  He needs a spacious, fully enclosed, dog proof garden and someone who has experience in training and socialising dogs as he needs to brush up on all of his basic training.  However, we think due to him being a super, smart dude, he would excel at a doggy training class and even try his paw at canicross or bikejoring. Or make an excellent hiking or jogging partner.  In exchange for some time and care, we can assure that whoever offers this boy a chance at a forever home is ensured to have found a very loyal, faithful and affectionate companion, once they don’t mind Ziko’s infamous daily slobber kisses!  Could you be that special someone to offer this special boy a forever home? Contact PAWS or drop in to our shelter in Mullinahone, Co Tipperary for more info or to meet Ziko.