Hardest to rehome – Bru

24th June 2018

Meet one of our hardest to rehome dogs, Bru!

Our lovely Bru, arrived in PAWS quite young and has grown up knowing mostly just kennel life.  Being a bull-breed, Bru is unfortunately one of the top breeds to get overlooked or ignored in rescue shelters.  Though this is through no fault of his own.  Bru holds pride of place as being many, many staff and volunteers most favorite dog due to his very very lovable nature.  For a medium size dog, he has a lot of fun and personality, this mixed with his devilish good looks, makes it impossible to ignore this handsome boy.  He even gets his own care packages of toys and treats delivered to PAWS from his ‘fans.’  All Bru needs is love, time and a home with someone who has experience with his breed.  As a pup who grew up knowing the kennel life, he needs to learn his basic commands and some one on one training to turn him from a big, clumsy pup to a well-adjusted, family dog.

Bru is most well known for getting so excited seeing visitors, he wags his tail so hard, his whole body vibrates and wriggles and he can’t walk over to you fast enough.  This has earned him the well deserved nickname of ‘Wiggles’ among some of the staff.  If you feel you have the time, experience and love to give this boy, we can guarantee he will return that love and loyalty a thousand times over.  A potential new owner can be assured they will be getting a whole lot of fun, playful and affectionate addition to their family.

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