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☆  Here at Paws we always have 80+ dogs looking for their forever homes.
☆  95% of these are sight hounds ~ greyhounds and lurchers who make amazing pets, they are generally sweet natured, easy going and great with kids.
☆  We do not rehome adult sight hounds in homes with cats, for your cats safety we recommend you get a pup.
☆  If you are considering adopting a sight hound we suggest you do some research first 🙂
(Please note : if you are interested in one of our sight hounds your MINIMUM boundary height must be 5 foot with NO hedges)
☆  ALL our available non sighthounds are listed below, please DO NOT email looking for a small dog if you don’t see any below.
☆  If you have children under 7 years old you may only adopt a pup, if you don’t see a pup below we currently don’t have any.
☆  Please be aware that most of our dogs are strays, from council pounds or ex-racing kennels. They have probably never lived in a house before and will need your patience, commitment and love ❤
☆  There is a brief description of our dogs below, Click on the dogs name for more info.
Email for information on our other available greyhounds & lurchers.

PAWS Adoption Policy – click to view

Paws is no longer open to visitors, appointments are by prior arrangement only.
If there is a dog on the website you are interested in or you would like to know about our other available greyhounds & lurchers, please email for a questionnaire :

[email protected]

Maui 1 + deerhound x

6th June 2022

Here’s one sweet boy 🥰 Maui just loves humans, he is very friendly affectionate. Maui was surrendered into Paws in April, he is easy going and gets on well with […]

Rena approx. 6 yr old rough coat lurcher.

12th May 2022

Here’s one happy girl! Rena was surrendered in to Paws in January. When she first came into us Rena was completely shut down, over whelmed by everything that had happened […]

Smokie 5+ yr old female lurcher.

8th April 2022

Ahhhh the lovely Smokie ❤ Smokie was surrendered into Paws at the end of November, she had a fractured front wrist which had to be plated and given time to […]

Fay 1+ yr old lurcher.

19th March 2022

Fay was surrendered in to Paws in January. She is a calm, sweet girl ❤️ Fay gets on well with other dogs, both male and female. She is a little […]

Luca 8 month old lurcher x malamute/GSD.

15th March 2022

Meet the gorgeous Luca! Luca was found straying and bought into Paws just before Christmas. He was rehomed but unfortunately had to come back to us last week. Luca is […]

Layla 1 yr old whippet x lurcher.

22nd February 2022

When dinky little Layla was surrendered into Paws in December she had a fracture on her back right hock. Thanks to our wonderful vets and two months of crate rest, […]

Chi 5 + yr old JRT x chihuahua.

11th February 2022

* Experienced home only  * * No children under 18 * Meet our cheeky little Chi! 🐶🐵 Chi was in the dog pound for over 6 months before he came […]

Shamus 4+ yr old rough coat lurcher.

5th February 2022

Shamus is a sweet, gentle boy. He was surrendered into Paws in October, initially nervous of everything, Shamus has come along way in the past few months. He has shared […]

Elijah 1+ year old lurcher.

18th January 2022

Young and full of beans, Elijah loves to run! You will have great fun with this boy, he is confident and gets on well with other dogs. Small but full […]

*Reserved!* Isabella 2+ yr old lurcher.

6th January 2022

Isabella is such a sweet girl! ❤ She is very friendly, affectionate and just loves human interaction. Isabella came into Paws in November as a surrender. She gets on great […]

Toastie 1+ yr old male lurcher.

4th January 2022

Here’s another happy boy!! Toastie was found straying and bought into Paws in November, he was malnourished and had very sore feet. Now fully recovered and loving life, this happy […]

Duke 2+ yr old bull lurcher.

3rd January 2022

How stunning is this boy?! 😍 Duke was surrendered into Paws in September, he has to be one of the happiest dogs around, he always has a smile on his […]

Binx 1+ yr old male patterdale.

13th November 2021

Here comes trouble!! 😂 *Experienced home only* *No children under 12* Binx was found in an awful state, his eye was damaged beyond repair and he had to have it […]

Bucky 1+ yr old male lurcher.

30th June 2021

Bucky is a great lad, full of energy and fun 🙂 Bucky was surrendered into Paws as his owners couldn’t keep him anymore. Bucky loves the company of other dogs […]

Hobo 2+ yr old lurcher.

3rd May 2021

Hobo is a beautiful young brindle male, he was straying in a local village for over a month before anyone could catch him. Since settling into Paws he has blossomed […]