Appeal to help raise funds for the PAWS vet bill

30th May 2022

OK Friends and supporters all over the world. Unfortunately, we have to ask for help. As you know we are a not for profit dog rescue that relies on fund raisers and donations from the public to keep us going. We also receive a small government grant each year to assist with our running costs.

However, we are struggling immensely with the influx of dogs needing our help. In particular, the current rate of racing greyhounds being surrendered to our care is huge and the phones keep ringing. Each dog that enters our gates requires vet care, this includes worming, being de-flea’d, vaccinations, neutering/spaying and full health screens to ensure they are suitable to adopted. This stands for all dogs in our care but does not include additional health issues. Many surrendered dogs come with injuries or other ailments that require treatment and we are struggling.

Our current veterinary bills stand at €21,455.75 for Greyhounds and €10,704.82 for the rest of the dogs. Totalling €32,160.57.

As it is only the end of May. We cannot sustain this.
We have not seen this level of dogs, particularly Greyhounds, looking for shelter since 2015. It is a tsunami.

If you can help in any way, or know someone who can, please donate to Southview Vets 0526121429, PayPal [email protected] or via the link above. Any and all support is graciously appreciated. It can be as simple as adding a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or another social media platform asking for donations as Birthday gifts. Or commiting to donating the price of a coffee to PAWS each week. Every little helps and adds up to a huge difference to help us continue doing what we do.