The more you know – Ten Reasons to adopt a senior dog from PAWS

27th November 2014

The More you Know. Adopt a Senior Dog from PAWS

A lot of dogs pass through our gates, from litters of unexpected puppies, to unwanted pets, to dogs that find themselves in shelters because their owners cannot take care of them anymore.  One trait they commonly share is that they all need love and are willing to return the love you give them tenfold.  Dogs available for adoption at PAWS vary in age and naturally the younger puppies garner the most attention. However, older dogs are as wonderful as the babies in becoming a person’s new best friend.  Here are ten reasons to adopt an older dog.

  1. They settle in quite quickly : Older dogs have been around the block, so to speak. They have already so much life experience under their belt and know what it takes to settle into a new pack – they’ll be part of the family in no time.
  2. What you see is what you get : Older dogs are open books from the start, you will know the important things like their full-size, their personality and characteristics (PAWS staff will be able to help you on each dog’s personality!) and their grooming requirements.  Unlike what you can sometimes get with a puppy, all this information that comes with a senior dog can make picking the right dog for you so much easier.
  3. Easier to train:  Due to their previous life experiences, most older dogs are already house-trained and know what is asked of them inside the home. Also, whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, was talking hogwash! Older dogs are not like easily distracted and over-energetic puppies, plus they have been around longer so know how to read people’s body language so they can determine what it is you’re asking of them a lot easier.
  4. Fewer messes: Older dogs are already through those puppy chewing stages and your floors, shoes and table legs will remain safe.  So if you’re a tad more house-proud, a senior dog could be the dog for you!
  5. They enjoy easy-livin’:  Most senior dogs are couch potatoes and usually prefer to take long naps in between one to two strolls a day rather than hour long treks like some of the younger more higher-energy pups.  So if you prefer the more leisurely lifestyle, maybe adopting a canine retiree would be the perfect addition!
  6. They’ve already experienced so much: Older dogs that find themselves in a shelter have already experienced the death of an owner or the abandonment of a less-caring household than yours, this often makes for a loyal, loving and grateful companion.
  7. No gnaws, nips or teething bites: Senior dogs have already gone through any teething stages as opposed to their younger counterparts, saving your hands and head from having to train them out of it.
  8. Used to routines already: Most older dogs are used to household routines already, meaning a full night’s sleep, feeding, playtime and bathroom breaks are reserved for daytime!
  9. Can be trusted in the house: older dogs can be trusted for longer periods of time than younger dogs without you worrying about them getting bored and getting into trouble, of course dogs should never be left alone for longer than necessary.
  10. They’re cute: Need we say anymore?

This article was inspired by the arrival of 11 year old, Hollie, to PAWS. A beautiful black labrador, Hollie is so confused at finding herself in kennels and is currently looking for a retirement home and someone to mend her broken heart.

At the moment there are some older dogs looking for homes in PAWS, so why not have a look at to see some of our adorable retirees or drop into our shelter open between 2 – 4 pm 7 days a week and ask about our golden oldies.