Caolan 💙

21st June 2022

The lurcher puppy 5 came into our care on the 31st of May in need of a lot of care and vet attention. They were emaciated, covered in fleas and very poorly. Their poor bodies showed the reality of the plight of abuse, something that is all too familiar with animal rescues all over Ireland.

Surrendered by their former owners after having spent the first part of their very short lives alone and sick, they should have still been with their Mammy-dog, but there had been no sign of her. They were rushed straight to our vets where they spent a few days receiving care to help them recover back to health.  They had fought as hard as they could but, devastatingly for 4 of these poor little souls, their frail bodies couldn’t fight anymore and they passed away.  It was heart-breaking, particularly for their amazing Foster puppy parent, Amy who had been caring for them.

The last puppy, however, fought on and soon was able to come back to finish his recovery with Amy. He’s an incredibly strong fighter and has been growing in strength and getting healthier by the day.  Named Caolan, meaning “Slender Lad” in Gaeilge. He continues to put on weight and playing with Amy’s other dogs Banner and Ned. He’s doing so well. We need to keep the fighting wishes and good vibes going for this little boy every step of his recovery.

This kind of demand for puppies and dogs needing urgent vet care is constant for PAWS. We are on our knees and the phones keep ringing. We appealed for help to fund our rising vet bill in the recent weeks. We need help now more than ever. Every cent helps and is appreciated greatly. If you are in a position to donate, please go to